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'Starfield' 'Starfield' officially debuts today in the international market and in Revista Level Up we have prepared a small space traveler's guide for all those who are going to start their interstellar adventure tonight, with some advice, tips and secrets initials that will make your path a little lighter.

What are the best skill builds and starting backgrounds in Starfield?

When we are starting our adventure, one of the first things that we will have to choose is the background of our character, characteristics and abilities of our protagonist. This will give us significant advantages or disadvantages in the game, by correctly combining our background (previous character history) with a set of 3 initial skills.

In our first walktrought, we have found that in the sea of options to choose from, with which we can establish our own history and path, there are 3 backgrounds that, starting our game, will be essential to start our interspatial adventure:

Bounty Hunter

With this background, we can start by having the option to use the jetpack from the beginning -which will help us move faster through the planets and do some very useful tricks in combat-, better aiming in the weapons of our ship, to give it hunting down enemy ships in an easier and more direct way -the more ships destroyed, the better rewards-, and a level of piloting that will allow us to have access to the best combat ships, starting the game.

Also, later in the game, we will have access by default to multiple bounty hunting missions that will give us a wide variety of weapons and high-value objects -when looting enemies-, a lot of experience to continue leveling up -and acquiring new abilities-, added , of course, to a good amount of money / credits that we will obtain with each criminal that we put to vegetate in the stars, or behind bars.

Cyber Runner

If stealth and technology are going to be our thing, the background of 'Cybernetic' is another of the best initial builds in the game, giving us a significant increase in 'Stealth', which will make it more difficult for them to detect us while attacking or we fled from our enemies; especially since if we complement with silenced weapons, these will deal an additional 5% damage per sneak attack and will also give us some additional points in 'Theft', with which we can steal a lot of items and credits from clueless NPCs.

Without leaving aside, this build will allow us to increase 'Security', which will allow us to hack/open advanced locks, increasing the number of automatic attempts with which we can try to force/hack a system; something really useful, considering the huge number of locked doors and containers that exist in the game, you definitely need to have points in the 'Security' skill.


Now, if ours will be strategic conflict resolution, the Diplomat role is a mandatory background trait, since it will allow us to access an additional level of 'Persuasion', increasing our chances of persuading someone by up to 10%. successfully; this is useful because of many situations where you will resolve issues with NPCs, some life and death, and others to make the best of a situation between the different factions that the game has.

Another interesting and super useful skill will be 'Commerce', which if we know how to use, we can buy products for 5% less and sell them for 10% more. Yeah that's right. If they know how to do the numbers right, they can quickly get a good profit margin on each purchase, which never hurts to pay the mortgage on our luxury home. Added to the previous one, with 'Well-being' it will increase our maximum health by 10%, which is not much, but when it comes to shooting, it can make the difference between living and dying.

Our perfect starter build

In our adventure, we have opted for the role of 'Bounty Hunter', which with all the aforementioned abilities, has given us an important advantage in combat, as well as, has turned our game into something really interesting, complementing it with three essential ranks high value:


Our head will always have a price, which will make other bounty hunters come for us. But, the game gives us an advantage, when we start a fight, we have an adrenaline rush that improves our shots and we generate more damage. This, although it may seem like suicide, is an excellent opportunity to obtain very good weapons, items and armor from our downed enemies. In addition, it makes the game always have a degree of adrenaline and be more realistic.

Dream House

Another vital trait that is overlooked, for fear of the mortgage. With this feature, we have a beautiful house in a peaceful place. The problem? The mortgage, which is scary at first on paper, as it has a weekly payment quota, but in practice, like the money 'Bounty Hunter', will never be an obstacle. Do you have cash problems to pay the mortgage? Space pirates are like an ATM. Go hunt a few and pay the fee. If taking out enemies is fun for you, before the first third of the game, you will have paid off your mortgage and the house will be yours. 

Revered idol

A beautiful reference to 'Skyrim' and the legacy of Bethesda that comes with a prize. As soon as we arrive in the New Atlantis, we will have a follower who loves and adores us above all things. The best? He will give us really valuable gifts -both at the game level-, as well as trade. If we treat it well and incorporate it into our travel equipment, it will constantly give us ammunition, weapons, objects and other luxury items that we are not going to spoil, but are basically a petty cash with which we can manage the acquisition of objects for our home. or improvements for our ship.

These three traits, together with the role of bounty hunter, have made our adventure in 'Starfield' a sublime experience that has kept us addicted for hours. Today, we play it live, in our Let's Play Nights, prior to its international launch, starting at 9:30 p.m. on Facebook Live from Revista Level Up.

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