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It's official: Starfield has already surpassed more than 10 million active players through the Xbox Game Pass service and makes Bethesda's new jewel one of the company's most successful games, with morte than $400.000.000 revenues through direct sales and the 'Xbox GamePass' service.

How do we arrive at this number? Well, it is important to remember that active users are not the same as actual sales, since the game is free in the Xbox Game Pass catalog and Microsoft has not officially revealed how many of those 10 million users (as), are through the GamePass service.

So, approximately how much has Starfield sold? It is estimated that at least 1.5 million players purchased the upgrade to the premium version of the game -which gave early access and had a value of $35-, both on Xbox and PC, so prior to launch, the game could have generated about $52.000.000 in profit.

If we add to this that the value of the 1 month Xbox Game Pass membership is worth $10, and that these 10 million users reported by Bethesda had to have had at least 1 month of paid Xbox membership of Xbox GamePass to be able to enjoy the game, we could say that 'Starfield' has generated at least $350.000.000 in gross revenue, just through GamePass membership.

If we add the estimated sales of the premium version ($52.000.000), combined with what Microsoft could have collected this month in GamePass memberships ($350.000.000), we are talking about, by show of hands, Starfield, has generated some income grosses of more than $400.000.000, which if we subtract their development costs ($200.000.000 dollars oficially reported by Bethesda), not only have they recovered the initial investment in less than 20 days, but they already add about $200.000.000 dollars in profits.

Not bad, right? Again, these data are not official, as there is not yet an exact sales number provided by Microsoft, but they are hand-me-down numbers, which show that Bethesda's new gem is a true commercial success, putting in check the discourse that games released on Day One on a subscription service are not completely profitable, specially with a videogame AAA, that as we said in our analysis: "Starfield is a true dream come true for that entire generation that grew up admiring astronauts, as true modern heroes, who sailed through the skies and carried with them our childhood dreams of being able to one day achieve them."

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