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'A Plague Tale: Requiem', one of the most anticipated games of the year and a possible GOTY candidate, is just a few days away from its official launch, when it hits the international market on October 18th.

At Revista Level Up we spoke exclusively with Léopoldine Serre, the famous french actress who plays the role of 'Amicia De Rune', the protagonist of 'A Plague Tale Innocence' and 'A Plague Tale Requiem'. We talk about the process of interpreting such an interesting character in its acclaimed first game and long-awaited sequel.

Pablo Vargas: 'A Plague Tale' has become one of the most valued videogames in the industry, both by the press and the fans. Did you ever think that 'A Plague Tale' would become one of the most beloved and admired video games of this generation when you were working on its dubbing process?

Leópoldine Serre: As soon as we started shooting the first part, I was really impressed by the powerful universe of the game. We had the opportunity to work with some cinematics and rhythm strips, which really makes it easier to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and the emotions of the characters.

My only hoped was the people would be as moved as I was by this powerful story and appreciate the work we do together with all our hearts. And I think they did! I've never gotten as many messages on social media as I did for my work on 'A Plague Tale ', which I'm very grateful for the opportunity. It was very nice and rewarding.

Pablo Vargas: With such an interesting career in film and television, how was the process of preparing to bring life a character as complex and full of emotions as Amicia in 'A Plague Tale: Requiem'?

Leópoldine Serre: Before we started shooting part two, I watched some gameplay footage to immerse myself back into the 'A Plague Tale' universe and remember exactly how Amicia evolved through part one, the mood we left her in.

Going into the studio, we talked a lot with Jean-Philippe Brière, the game's art director, about the events the character was going to face during the story and how it would further transform her, so that we could really show and convey to the player that evolution throughout history and adventure, which is our main goal.

Pablo Vargas: Speaking of that evolution and feeling to the player, with a game so full of important and dramatic moments, what was the biggest challenge you faced in the process of reflecting the emotions of the character?

Leópoldine Serre: The biggest challenge when recording video games, especially with characters going through such dramatic difficulties as Amicia, is to forget about the studio, the microphone, the other people listening, to fully immerse yourself in the situation, even while working on the game, during the which we stop at every sentence and where you have to be very engaged, especially during the angry or crying scenes.

When you fake it, people can hear it right away. You have to make such quick and important decisions, in which it is about a certain ability to project yourself in a situation. Ending a scene trembling with emotion is a very special and satisfying feeling, which is basically what I'm looking for in acting.

Pablo Vargas: On a personal level, what do you think makes Amicia so different, unique and special? What makes you feel most proud of the character?

Leópoldine Serre: I think what makes Amicia so special is her youth versus the responsibilities that she suddenly has to take on, her nonchalance coming to an abrupt end. She has no choice but to show great maturity, having to make such quick and important decisions to take care of Hugo even more than herself.

Pablo Vargas:  What is a personal characteristic with which you feel most identified with Amicia?

Leópoldine Serre: Having siblings is such a strong bond that I deeply understand and with which I felt very identified. I think I would be as combative as her, but obviously I wouldn't be as successful as Amicia is in her story (smiles).

Pablo Vargas: Finally, some words for our readers who awaits this amazing game

Leópoldine Serre: I have a pretty, wonderful and intense reunion with Amicia and I really enjoyed it and the only thing we hope is that they can experience it in the same way and that they get as excited about 'A Plague Tale: Requiem' as they did with 'A Plague Tale: Innocence'.

Pablo Vargas: Thank you for your time and your words...

Leópoldine Serre: Thank you for the opportunity, the love and the enthusiasm towards our game.

'A Plague Tale: Requiem' will be released on the international market on October 18 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, Series X/S.

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